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The Full Story

Hey Bestie,

"Ever felt like you're in a perpetual quest for external validation? Been there, done that, got the travel mug—and let me tell you, it's exhausting. I spent years chasing the elusive 'RIGHT' job, partner, or achievement, only to find myself still yearning for more. Certifications, relationships, career shifts—they all fell short, leaving me stuck in a cycle of comparison and self-doubt.I bought into the idea that my worth was tied to my appearance and accolades, constantly measuring myself against others who seemed to have it all. But here's the truth bomb I discovered: the answers I sought weren't out there. They were buried deep within me, waiting to be unearthed.

But first, I had to strip away the layers of societal conditioning and self-imposed limitations. I had to see myself clearly, flaws and all, and fall madly, wildly in love with my authentic self—the ONLY version that truly mattered.That's where I come in. As your guide, I'll hold up the mirror that cuts through the noise and reveals your unfiltered truth. No more distorted reflections or outdated beliefs holding you back. It's time to embrace your uniqueness and reclaim your power.

Coaching, for me, isn't about fixing what's 'wrong' with you. It's about peeling back the layers, shedding the bullshit, and uncovering the radiant essence of who you truly are. Because when you step into your authenticity, that's when the magic happens. That's when you unlock the door to your fullest, most vibrant life—the life you were meant to live, out loud and unapologetically."

<Chris Hale>


Master Dance Instructor > Certified Life Coach > Pop Culture Diva > Soon-to-be-Bestie

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Working Together

Ellicia T.

Working with Chris consistently helped me find all the hidden ways I was still judging and shaming myself for

being human. I learned to accept and embrace my neurodivergence as an asset instead of a burden.

Chris helped me gain the awareness I wanted in my business and my personal life, and I HIGHLY recommend

going all in on their coaching program. I felt safe, comfortable, and trusting on every single call.

Eden M.

The journey with Chris helped me understand the connections between my thoughts and actions. I never

realized how powerful thoughts were and how they could impact my potential. I didn't fully realize the power of

this level of accountability. It had a

huge effect on my output and

helped me address some

of my issues with self-judgment

when it comes to my creativity.

Jess M.

Working with Chris I’ve learned to stop telling myself “stories” and

to think about myself in a more positive light.I learned to stop telling myself things that don’t feel good.

I enjoyed being able to talk

to someone who simply just gets it. There was no judgment and I genuinely enjoyed being challenged to think in new ways that aren’t keeping me “stuck” in negative

circles of thinking.

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