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Have you wondered if existing in a culture where being queer is not mainstream has made you feel less than?

Growing up we feel like we don't belong, and like we have to fight for our right to be seen, heard, accepted, and loved, has made us anxious, tired, and insecure.

We can't figure out how being a perfectionistic, driven person hasn't translated into the perfect job, body, or partner. 

What keeps us amazing rock stars from living the lives we truly want?

Radical Self-Confidence 

You are never going to hate yourself into a version of yourself that you love. 

So how do you get there?


First, you have to undo the social conditioning that has gotten into your brain and tells you that you don't deserve to feel happy, secure, and lovable.


You can love and belong to yourself, and share that with others no matter your gender, race, or sexuality. 


Then you need to tackle the voice in your head attacking everything you do, saying you are getting it wrong, or that you are not enough. 

You were born worthy, and nothing can take that away. 


I have been where you are. Continually looking outside of myself for the "RIGHT"  job, person, or achievement to finally feel worthy never worked. Certifications, meeting the "one," job cahnges all left me still seacrhing for belonging. I defined myself by my looks and achievements and compared myself to others I thought were above me. But, there is nothing outside of you that you need to change to create the life of your dreams. I realized getting the results I want is an inside job. 

I've helped countless people find that elusive feeling of worthiness. Maybe now it's your turn.

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