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I have been where you are. Continually looking outside of myself for the "RIGHT" job, person, or achievement to finally feel worthy. Certifications, meeting the "one," job changes all left me still searching for more. I defined myself by my looks and achievements, compared myself to others I thought were more. Or better. Or above. The search didn't end... because the answers weren't out there. They were inside of me all along. But I had to see myself clearly first... Know myself and fall bat shit crazy in love with my ONLY. Truly seeing yourself WITHOUT the filters of systems built to keep us in a superficial line takes work. That's where I come in. I'll help you hold up the only mirror that matters. Not one that distorts with inaccurate images we've accepted or created over time, not one with layers of beliefs and behaviors we've adopted as a means to fit even or even survive our circumstances. But the one that sees you and YOUR ONLY. Your uniqueness is the path to your authority. To owning your life and unlocking the actions for the biggest version of yourself to live out loud. For me, coaching isn't about changing you. It's about revealing. Shedding the bullshit and peeling back to your essential self.

Hey Bestie,

<Chris Hale>


Master Dance Instructor > Certified Life Coach > Pop Culture Diva > Soon-to-be-Bestie

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