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Ellicia T.

Working with Chris consistently helped me find all the hidden ways I was still judging and shaming myself for

being human. I learned to accept and embrace my neurodivergence as an asset instead of a burden.

Chris helped me gain the awareness I wanted in my business and my personal life, and I HIGHLY recommend

going all in on their coaching program. I felt safe, comfortable, and trusting on every single call.

Eden M.

The journey with Chris helped me understand the connections between my thoughts and actions. I never

realized how powerful thoughts were and how they could impact my potential. I didn't fully realize the power of

this level of accountability. It had a

huge effect on my output and

helped me address some

of my issues with self-judgment

when it comes to my creativity.

Jess M.

Working with Chris I’ve learned to stop telling myself “stories” and

to think about myself in a more positive light.I learned to stop telling myself things that don’t feel good.

I enjoyed being able to talk

to someone who simply just gets it. There was no judgment and I genuinely enjoyed being challenged to think in new ways that aren’t keeping me “stuck” in negative

circles of thinking.

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