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Are you ready to fall unapologetically in love with you? 


You are an effing unicorn. You are bold, strong, beautiful, and worthy. Stop letting the social constructs and contracts of the world dictate your level of fulfillment. Step into your truth, and create the life of your dreams by falling in love with yourself. Let's get on a call and see how I can help you not only design but execute building the life of your dreams. Book a consult today. 

I help Q+ Creatives take the life they've been designing in their mind and make it a reality. 

Does this sound like you? 

You have a million brilliant ideas but can't actualize them into anything profitable. 

You have bought into the societal pressure of hustle culture, but your efforts fall flat, and you feel burnt out.  


You have trouble making decisions about the right project to pursue. 


You struggle with accessing your own inner wisdom because you are constantly seeking answers from outside. 


You base your worth on your achievements, and not just that you have intrinsic worth as a human. 

So then what......

You bounce from idea to idea, hoping to hit on the one that will finally inspire you enough, but that never works. You have tried all the self-help and therapy, watched every episode of Oprah, and hang affirmations on your bathroom mirror, but you still feel exactly the same. You buy courses, and certifications and chase degrees thinking you just need to learn a little bit more. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of what else you can do. And all of this is getting in the way of you making the work you want to put out there in the world. Well, don't worry. I have your back. 

I can help!!!

I am going to help you have one voice in your head that is your own as you make decisions.

I am going to help you constrain where you are going for answers.

I will help you decide the one or two places to get answers and how to come with the questions that need to be answered.

I will help you discover how you work best and how to best you use your time.

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